Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In Office Whitening

Hello again friends! It has been a while. I have been busy since my last post. I am now the proud owner of South Shore Smiles, my very own dental office in Braintree, MA!

There are many whitening options out there. Just take a stroll through your local pharmacy or supermarket dental aisle, and you will know exactly what I mean. Specifically, there are many take home whitening treatments such as trays, gels, strips, etc. Many consumers do find success in varying degrees with these products, and I encourage them to continue with the whitening regimen that works best for them.

I am writing tonight specifically about the consistent success that I have had with Zoom in-office whitening. Now the makers of Zoom claim to whiten up to eight shades lighter in one visit. I don't know if I have seen that just yet, but I will say that in just over one hour, I really have noticed some very obvious improvements.

My friend Ruby visited me over the weekend from DC. We have known each other since we were 12 years old with brace faces in junior high school :) I took her to my new office for Zoom whitening, because now I finally have the opportunity to treat my friends to fun stuff like this! 

Here she is at the start of the process, with the barriers in place, ready to go:

And here is Ruby after round 3 of 4 fifteen minute sessions, all done on the low light activation setting:

She was pretty happy with the results! We might have achieved even whiter results if she had used the medium or high light activation setting.

Just in case, I had her take some Advil one hour before whitening, and sent her home with custom trays and a desensitizing gel. I like to do this for all my patients because once in a while, temporary sensitivity can occur. If you have a history of sensitive teeth, or are have questions about sensitive teeth after whitening, make sure that you talk to your dentist about your concerns before trying any products or treatments.