Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Extensive Decay on Maxillary Anterior Teeth

A young man comes to me regarding his maxillary anterior teeth, #7-10. He does not like the way they look, and wants to know what he can do about it. 

Clinically and radiographically, these teeth present with large existing composite restorations, and display extensive facial, lingual, and interproximal recurrent decay. Treatment options were discussed with the patient. Due to very little remaining healthy tooth structure, single unit full coverage all-ceramic crowns were indicated. 

Teeth #7-10 were prepared, all decay was removed, an impression was taken, and temporary crowns were fabricated. His aesthetic wishes were discussed, and we made sure that he was happy with the way his provisionals appeared. 

The permanent crowns were delivered a couple of weeks later. Occlusion and contacts were checked, margins were flush, and the patient was happy with his new smile!